Black Eagle Instinct

New Product -

Black Eagle Instinct

New for 2017, The Black Eagle Instinct. 

We started carrying Black Eagle shafts last year. I did some extensive testing on the Black Eagle Vintage all last spring and summer. They performed very well. 

I'm excited to add the Instinct to the line up this year. We just received our first order. First thoughts out of the box,,, whoa they are skinny. These are a wood grain micro diameter shaft that takes a Stainless Steel outsert that weights a whopping 100 grains! That alone will really increase your arrows FOC, improving flight and penetration. That also means we need to take that into account when setting you up with the correct spine for your bow. 

I'm in the process of making up a custom set for testing. Keep an eye on my blog for updates and pictures as I put them through the ringer. 


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