Sitka Spruce Premiums by True Shafts

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True Shaft undergo at least four "bilateral flexion" stress tests during the manufacturing process. This helps to further eliminate any hidden flaws or invisible weaknesses. 

Sitka Spruce is recognized as the strongest wood for its weight in the world. The light mass allows one to increase the point weight (and attain higher F.O.C. values) without resulting in an excessively heavy completed arrow.

  • Easy to straighten, takes all stains, and finishes well.
  • Available in 11/32", and 23/64" sizes.
  • 34" long
  • Shafts are hand spined within 5# spine groups, and weight-matched in 10-grain weight groups, or better!
  • shafts are packaged, labeled and clearly marked in dozens.

Customer Reviews

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Rick Combs
Sitka Spruce premium shafts

Sitka Spruce premium shafts by Trueshaft have been my go to shafts for quite a few years now. My friends and I use them for both target shooting and Hunting! I ordered these along with other arrow making supplies and received everything in a timely fashion! Will be ordering from Andy again!

Thomas Mitchell

Sitka Spruce Premiums by True Shafts

Alfred Nye
Great service and quality

Great service and quality!

Jon Coleman

Sitka Spruce Premiums by True Shafts

Wesley Horne
Sitka Spruce Premium shafts

I ordered and received a dozen Sitka spruce shafts. I had Andy do a rear taper down to 5/16 and front taper down to 11/32 as these shafts are 23/64. Upon receiving the shafts and inspecting them I must say they are excepting. They didn’t require hardly any straightening and the quality of grain was very good. I can’t wait to get them completed into arrows and see how they fly. Great service for. Andy. I highly recommended. Wesley Horne