#50-55 Sitka Spruce - Standard Grade

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These are made out of Sitka Spruce hunter-grade shafts. Manufactured by True Shaft, they have some minor grain runout but are still a quality arrow. These would work great for targets, stumping, and small game hunting. They are spined at 50-55 pounds and weigh 405-420 grains at full length (34"). 


  • 23/64" diameter
  • Sky Blue and Red Mettalic cresting.
  • 4" Shield feathers 1- Red Barred 2- Sky Blue
  • 11/32 Red Bear Paw Nocks.
  • Full length for a maximum of 33.25" Valley of the nock to B.O.P.

Sold by the 1/2 dozen. 

We will cut to length and install field points for free. Leave a note at checkout indicating what point weight and length you would like. 

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    Koby Dundon

    These arrows are so great! I learned how to make my own from his YouTube series. Now that the sun is back I don’t have as much time to make my own. I will only buy these arrows from now on. Also supporting my local Oregonian who’s only 2 hours north of me. :) :)