Fletching Covers

$ 19.99

Bright feathers help you see your shot placement and help in finding your arrows in the grass when..... well we'll just leave it at that. Bright feathers may also make you more visible to game. That is why I've always used a fletch cover. 

They protect your feathers and nocks when your beating the brush. No more getting mud or small sticks stuck in your nocks.

These covers are made of a high quality fleece that is pill resistant. An elastic cord with toggle is sewn into the top, so you can cinch down the mouth and keep debris out. 

The water proof model has a coated nylon liner sewn into the cover to provide protection against the elements. The slick surface makes it easier to place your feathered arrow back in the cover.

Available in Tree Camo, Autumn Leaf and Woodland Camo. Covers measure 8"wide by 11" tall. An elastic loop is sewn into the top to attach it to your bow quiver.