Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Anyone else suffering from Cabin Fever? It seams like the weather here in the Pacific NW has finally broke. The sun was out, birds were singing and flowers were blooming. I couldn't help but shoot for an hour or two. 

Now is a good time to evaluate your arrow supply and the condition of your bow string. Get your orders in early as the wait grows as other get their orders in. 

It seams like every year I make a game plan for preparation of the upcoming season. Only to have time fast forward and leave me scrambling at the last minute. What is it that makes the summer fly by.  

Do your best to attend as many shoots as you can. I can clearly remember coming to full draw on my last bull elk. I thought to my self, 'this looks just like a 3D'. All that shooting I did in the spring and summer at 3Ds around the NW had prepared me for that moment. 

Shoot straight and good luck with your prep work. 


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