2018 Traditional Archery Shoot Calendar February 14 2018, 3 Comments

2018 will be an action packed year for traditional archery around the NW. Here is a list of events for you to plan on. 

April 7 & 8 - TAO Conservation project and Golf Shoot  Flyer here. Tygh Valley, OR

April 20-22 - TBW Rock Shoot Flyer Here. Moses Lake, WA

May 26-28 - Western States Traditional Rendezvous Flyer here. New Meadows, ID

June 1-2 - Traditional Archers of Central Oregon Stick N Sage. Camp Sherman, OR

June 8-10 - Eagle Cap Traditional Archers Rendezvous at the River. LaGrande, OR

July 7-8 - North American Longbow Safari. Flyer here. Sisters, OR

July 28 & 29 - TAO Pope Young shoot. Brownsville, OR

If I've missed an event please let me know and I will add it to the list. Please check back for updates. As Flyers become avalible I will add links. 


So you're new to Traditional Archery. Now what? Here is a resource list for you. July 07 2017, 3 Comments

Traditional Archery is one of the fastest growing sports. So many people are tired of all the technology we deal with every day in our lives, that the stick and string is appealing. There is some thing about being able to just draw back and release an arrow similar to throwing a ball. No sights, no cables, no timing of cams, just a simple stick and string. 

But where does one go for help? What is a good resource? If your reading this blog post, your on the right track. 

1. Join your state traditional archery club. Most states have a club where you can meet like minded people. Traditional archers are more than willing to help new archers out. Most will even let you shoot their personal bows to test out. 

2. Suscribe to a magazine. Traditional Bowhunter & Trad Archers World are great resources for both the beginner and advanced traditional archer. Both feather not only hunting stories but also how to and a plethora of traditional bow hunting resources. 

3. The Traditional Bowhunters Handbook. Back in 2003 T.J. Conrads wrote this book. He is one of the founders of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. This book covers everything you need to know to get started. 

4. Talk Forums. Just do a search for "Traditional Archery Forums" and you see quite a few pop up. There you will find a ton of information on all aspects of traditional archery. A word of caution, set a time limit. I've spent literally all day on these forums talking and reading traditional archery.

5. Podcast. If you have never listened to a podcast, your missing out. These are recorded conversations usually between a few people on a specific subject. The good news is we are starting to get some really good Traditional Archery Podcast. Right now my favorite is Trad Quest Podcast. James Orr the host is entertaining and has a good list of informative podcast lined up. Another good one is The Push. These guys cover a lot of shooting methods and trad archery topics. 

These are just a few of the areas you can go for Traditional Archery information. As alway you can call or email me. If I don't know the answer I'm sure I can point you in the right direction. 

Shoot straight. 

How to check arrow spine May 23 2017, 2 Comments

I recently made and posted a video to YouTube explaining how I check static arrow spine on wood, aluminum and carbon arrows. 

You can see the video here

Moses Lake Rock Shoot 2017 April 30 2017, 2 Comments

We recently attended the Moses Lake Rock Shoot put on by the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington. These folks easily put on one of the best shoots in the Pacific Northwest. 

I made a video of the shoot and posted it to YouTube. You can view the video here

The courses are tuff on arrows due to the rocky terrain. Hence the name of the shoot. The scenery and the targets selected make for a vary enjoyable shoot. 

The kids take first priority at this shoot. There is a ballon shoot for the kids and an Easter egg hunt. Each kid also received a prize during the raffle. This years prizes were exceptional, they had a choice between a footed arrow or a t-shirt. 

For more information about this shoot and others in Washington, check out the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington website. 

Cabin Fever April 17 2017, 0 Comments

Anyone else suffering from Cabin Fever? It seams like the weather here in the Pacific NW has finally broke. The sun was out, birds were singing and flowers were blooming. I couldn't help but shoot for an hour or two. 

Now is a good time to evaluate your arrow supply and the condition of your bow string. Get your orders in early as the wait grows as other get their orders in. 

It seams like every year I make a game plan for preparation of the upcoming season. Only to have time fast forward and leave me scrambling at the last minute. What is it that makes the summer fly by.  

Do your best to attend as many shoots as you can. I can clearly remember coming to full draw on my last bull elk. I thought to my self, 'this looks just like a 3D'. All that shooting I did in the spring and summer at 3Ds around the NW had prepared me for that moment. 

Shoot straight and good luck with your prep work. 

Making Traditional Wood Arrows April 13 2017, 1 Comment

I just posted our newest video to YouTube showing the steps I took to make some traditional wood arrows for a customer in Florida. 

You can find the video here: Making Traditional Wood Arrows

Please leave me your feed back on YouTube or here. It helps me improve my work. 

You Tube videos. March 13 2017, 0 Comments

I have started to upload videos to You Tube. My goal with the video post is to help you achieve your archery goals. As you can guess most of my videos with have to do with making custom arrows. Please give them a look and leave me some feedback. A thumbs up will do as well. 

Click on the links below to view my videos. 

How to use the Young Feather Burner. 

Hex n Hit custom stamp review. 

How to Glue on points to wood arrows. 

2017 Show and shoot schedule February 26 2017, 0 Comments

We really appreciate the support we got in 2016. We were able to attend events in California, Montana, Washington and Oregon. We are adding lots of new inventory for 2017 including leather products that we make here in our shop. 


4-9 The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers 6th annual Rendezvous. Missoula, Mt. 

20-23 The Rock Shoot. Moses Lake, Wa. 


26-29 The Western States Rendezvous  Yacolt, Wa


2-4 NW Mountain Challenge HooDoo, OR

17-18 Barber Ranch Shoot Havre, Mt


28-30 Pope Young Shoot Brownsville, OR

August - December

We will be available by phone, maybe. That depends on where the Elk, Deer, Bear and Antelope roam. ;)

We hope to see you this year. 


2016 Show and Shoot Schedule March 23 2016, 2 Comments

Thank you to everyone who supported us in the 2015 season. We are really looking forward to seeing every one this year. 

April 1-3 Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Banquet, Missoula MT

April 9 & 10 Charlie Barr Golf Shoot & Bob Bouret Conservation Project, Tygh Valley OR

April 22-24 Sun Basin Rock Shoot at Moses Lake Wa

May 28-30 Western States Traditional Rendezvous, Tygh Valley OR

June 3-5 T.A.C.O. Stick & Sage, Camp Sherman OR

June 11 & 12 E.C.T.A. Rendezvous at the River, La Grande OR

July 2 & 3 North American Longbow Safari, Petaluma CA

July 30-31 Pope-Young Shoot, Brownsville OR

August 5-7 TBW Rendezvous, Cle Elem, Wa

If there are any other shoot you would like to see us at, please contact us. If your needed some supplies let us know ahead of time, delivery to a shoot is alway free. 

See you all in 2016.


We are proud to start carrying EW Bateman & Simmons Broadhead products. July 28 2015, 0 Comments

We have added many new items to help you reach your archery goal. 

I've used EW Bateman tabs for many years now. I have one tab that I've shot for about 12 years now. These feature a high quality cordovan leather that will give you a smooth and clean release regardless of the weather conditions. 

If your looking for a hard hitting, devastating broadhead the Simmons line of Broadheads will fit the bill. Visit us at one of the upcoming shows to see the heads in person. I'm personally looking forward to using the Tiger Shark this season. 

Check back often as we are adding new items all the time. 

Shoot straight and good luck.