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Moses Lake Rock Shoot 2017

2017 Shoot Schedule -

Moses Lake Rock Shoot 2017

We recently attended the Moses Lake Rock Shoot put on by the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington. These folks easily put on one of the best shoots in the Pacific Northwest. 

I made a video of the shoot and posted it to YouTube. You can view the video here

The courses are tuff on arrows due to the rocky terrain. Hence the name of the shoot. The scenery and the targets selected make for a vary enjoyable shoot. 

The kids take first priority at this shoot. There is a ballon shoot for the kids and an Easter egg hunt. Each kid also received a prize during the raffle. This years prizes were exceptional, they had a choice between a footed arrow or a t-shirt. 

For more information about this shoot and others in Washington, check out the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington website. 


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