So you're new to Traditional Archery. Now what? Here is a resource list for you.

Traditional Archery info. -

So you're new to Traditional Archery. Now what? Here is a resource list for you.

Traditional Archery is one of the fastest growing sports. So many people are tired of all the technology we deal with every day in our lives, that the stick and string is appealing. There is some thing about being able to just draw back and release an arrow similar to throwing a ball. No sights, no cables, no timing of cams, just a simple stick and string. 

But where does one go for help? What is a good resource? If your reading this blog post, your on the right track. 

1. Join your state traditional archery club. Most states have a club where you can meet like minded people. Traditional archers are more than willing to help new archers out. Most will even let you shoot their personal bows to test out. 

2. Suscribe to a magazine. Traditional Bowhunter & Trad Archers World are great resources for both the beginner and advanced traditional archer. Both feather not only hunting stories but also how to and a plethora of traditional bow hunting resources. 

3. The Traditional Bowhunters Handbook. Back in 2003 T.J. Conrads wrote this book. He is one of the founders of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. This book covers everything you need to know to get started. 

4. Talk Forums. Just do a search for "Traditional Archery Forums" and you see quite a few pop up. There you will find a ton of information on all aspects of traditional archery. A word of caution, set a time limit. I've spent literally all day on these forums talking and reading traditional archery.

5. Podcast. If you have never listened to a podcast, your missing out. These are recorded conversations usually between a few people on a specific subject. The good news is we are starting to get some really good Traditional Archery Podcast. Right now my favorite is Trad Quest Podcast. James Orr the host is entertaining and has a good list of informative podcast lined up. Another good one is The Push. These guys cover a lot of shooting methods and trad archery topics. 

These are just a few of the areas you can go for Traditional Archery information. As alway you can call or email me. If I don't know the answer I'm sure I can point you in the right direction. 

Shoot straight. 


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