Wood Arrow Making 101 Series

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Wood Arrow Making 101 Series

I have been very fortunate to have some extremely knowledgeable and giving mentors in my life. This is how I learned to make arrows and strings. Its really how I've learned most of my traditional archery skills. Even in my professional career as a fire fighter I've learned my craft through listening and observing senior fire fighters. 

I want to do the same, share my knowledge with others to we can keep traditions alive. Times have changed some, with technology I'm able to reach a broad audience in ways my mentors did not have. Like a blog for example. 

Thats way I've started a series on YouTube titled Wood Arrow Making 101. In this series I will break down the basic steps to making wood arrows. Each step will be explained and discussed. I will show you the steps and some tricks that I have learned along the way. I hope you will interact with me here or on YouTube. Leave me a comment or ask me a question. I will do my best to answer them in my reply or include the answer in an upcoming video. 

You can see the Introduction to Wood Arrow Making 101 here. I will make a post on the upcoming videos with some more detail. 

Shoot Straight. 

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  • Stijn

    Great serie!!!!

    I love making wooden arrows even more than I used to.
    In one off the video’s you mentioned a video of how to barrel/taper a shaft.
    Is that video already online?
    Will you perhaps make a verry simple registration while you barrel one?

    Thank you

    Stijn ghering

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