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Industrial strength hot melt glue. This is the toughest glue we have found. It withstands hard impacts and does not get brittle even when hunting in the snow. We use this glue daily in the shop to glue field points or broadheads to wood arrow shafts. 

As with any glue, your points must be clean and prepped for a good bite. We recommend using a point brush to prep the point and then cleaning the final dust using acetone. 

We do not recommend using this glue for broadheads to broadhead adapters. Use a 2-ton epoxy or JB Weld.  

Sticks are 5/8" diameter and 8" long. Rated Shear Strength 545 psi. Rated for temperatures of -20 to 130 Degrees F.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Wilson

Great stuff!

D. Phillips
Glue failure

I bought the point brush and glue sticks to mount 6 new broadheads on new inserts. Cleaned with acetone after the brush peeped broadheads better than I normally do. 3 out of 6 and out in a cheap foam target. The old clear glue sticks I’ve used for years has never lost a point. This glue is like water when heated very low melting point while the clear glue takes more heat and is less runny. Cannot believe this glue has 5 star ratings. I’m guessing they just remove any rating other than 5, let’s see if this one makes it to the site??

Hi Dave,
I don't remove any reviews, I appreciate any and all feed back. If you would of called the shop I would of recommended a 2-ton epoxy or JB Weld for your application. I have added that note to the description to help others.
Thanks for taking the time to fill out the review.

Chad Bales
Awesome product!!

Best hot melt glue I have ever used!!! And you get a really good size stick for the price you pay!! And not over priced!! Will definitely be ordering more!

John Alsop
Great service.

I can’t say enough about the customer service from Addictive Archery. I highly recommend this company.

Rashid H Khan
First time use.

Used on location of my first hunt and it works perfectly.