Dip Plugs

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These soft vinyl plugs are made to fit on the end of your arrow shaft to keep the crown dip or sealer from filling up the inside of your arrow. These are reusable and durable. 

We use the Max plugs for;

  • Aluminum shafts with Super Uni Bushings
  • Standard-size carbon shafts .244-.246 including BEA Vintage, Easton Carbon Legacy, and Gold Tip Traditional Hunters 

We use the Mini plugs for;

  • Aluminum Jazz shafts with 4mm G-Uni Bushing
  • Micro diameter shafts .165 (BEA Instinct)
  • Small diameter shafts .204 ID (GT Trad Classics, Barebow, and Axis)

Colors may vary. 

Sold by the dozen. 

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Chris Garrison
Dip plugs

These work great just what I needed.