SpinRite Crester

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This is hands down! The best crester on the market. I use mine daily in the shop. The adjustable rollers allow you to take even the smallest wobbles out of the working area, allowing you to paint the finest lines. 

"For lines fine and tight, crest with Spinrite!"

Features of the Spinrite Crester

  • Dual captured arrow shaft
  • Large 9.5" working area
  • Arrows can be "speed loaded" with crester running
  • Fully adjustable arrow stop, support rollers, idler arm, and motor arm
  • High torque (50 Oz/In) DC motor
  • Moveable pattern guide
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy access power switch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Stephen Paulazzo
    Spine rite

    Great crester, it’s my first one so take it for what it’s worth. Fast shipping was great Also wanted to buy from Andy with all the info he puts out on the YouTube.

    Nick Souder
    Great all around

    Great product. Extremely fast shipping. Amazing service. These guys are awesome.

    tim eatherton
    Cresting Perfection

    I love my new Spinrite Crester. Thanks Addictive Archery for sending it quickly along with all the help and advice to get started.

    Charles Andre
    Spinrite Crester

    This little machine is well built and does everything it's advertised to do and it does it well. The delivery was fast, as well.

    SpinRite crester

    For years I wanted to crest and build my own wood arrow with the SpinRite crester and Andy's video series on arrow building on YouTube made it easy. Andy runs a great business very fast shipping.