#50-55 Port Orford Cedar - Premium Grade

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These traditional archery arrows are made out of Port Orford Cedar premium 11/32" shafts. They are spined at 50-55 pounds and weigh 438-446 grains at full length finished. They are sold by the half dozen. 


  • 11/32" diameter tail tapered to 5/16"
  • Red crown dip. 
  • Blue, and Silver cresting.
  • 5" Shield cut feathers 1- Red Barred  2- Blue
  • 5/16 AAE Plasti Nocks.
  • Full length for a maximum of 31.25" Valley of the nock to B.O.P.

Priced by the 1/2 dozen.

We will cut to length and install field points at no extra cost. Please leave your desired length and point weight in the notes at check out. If no note is left we will ship them at their full length with no points. 

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Hall

Finest arrows I've ever owned.

Matthew Rick
Beautifuly crafted arrows.

these arrows are beautifully put together, the cresting is very uniform across the entire dozen and all shafts came in nice and straight. I'm excited to put them to use this fall and will definitely be ordering more for my other bows.