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#40-45 Doug Fir - Premium Grade

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These arrows are made out of Surewood Shafts Doug Fir premiums. They are 11/32" in diameter and are tail-tapered to 5/16" for better FOC and performance. They are spined at 40-45 pounds and weigh 464-473 grains. 


  • Red crown dip
  • White, Black, and Gold cresting.
  • 4" RW Shield cut feathers 1- White HBK 2- White
  • 31.25" Valley of the nock to B.O.P.

Priced by the 1/2 dozen

We will cut to length and install field points at no extra cost. Please leave your desired length and point weight in the notes at checkout. If no note is left, we will ship them at their full length with no points. 

Customer Reviews

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Charles Wolf
!st class laser beams

The craftsmanship is crisp and the arrows very pleasing as art. They have a light feel and I'm shooting them at about 32 pounds from a long bow and on my 20 yard range they shoot flat as Texas. They have inspired me to get some custom painted by AA.

Ben Phillips

Awesome Doug Fir arrows

Mac McGowan
Beautiful, high performance wood arrows

Found these arrows in the ready-to-ship category. They are functional art. I love the swirl pattern and the bright fletching. They shoot like a dream. I robin-hooded one. First time I ever split a wooden shaft. The next day I skewered a ping pong ball off a column of air. I’m very happy with this dozen. I’ll certainly be back for more.