Wood Test Arrows

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Not sure exactly what wood arrow spine you need? The arrow spine is the stiffness of the shaft and needs to be matched to your bow for proper arrow flight. 

We offer these as a cost-effective way to find the perfect spine for your bow and shooting style. These are full-length Doug Fir, Sitka Spruce, or POC arrows with a color-coded 4" fletching to identify the spine weight. The spine weight is also handwritten on the arrows. 

Hen Feathers

  • 3.5" feathers = 35-40
  • White = 40-45
  • Red = 45-50
  • Orange = 50-55
  • Black = 55-60
  • Yellow = 60-65
  • Green = 65-70
  • Blue = 70-75
  • Pink = 75-80
  • Lt. Blue = 80-85
  • Flo. Yellow = 85-90

Sold full length at approximately 31.25" to 33.25" from the back of the point to the valley of the nock. Field point grain weights available are 100, 125, 145, 160, and 190 grain.

Please leave a note at checkout if you would like them cut to a shorter length and what tip weight you want to be installed. 

Customer Reviews

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Justin Summers

These things are perfect and just what I asked for

Enrique Montfort Larre
Test kit

Having received these kits and having shot them for a while I am in the middle of the process of determining which spines to order soon.

Luis Alcaraz
Excellent quality

Beautifully made, prompt arrival! Pleasure working with him

John Hullings
Wood test arrows

Well made and easy to tell what spine.

Lee Meyers
Wood test arrows

Great customer service/assistance picking the proper test spines. Thankyou.