Sitka Spruce Hunters by True Shafts

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True Shaft undergoes at least four "bilateral flexion" stress tests during the manufacturing process. This helps to further eliminate any hidden flaws or invisible weaknesses. 

Sitka Spruce is recognized as the strongest wood for its weight in the world. The light mass allows one to increase the point weight (and attain higher F.O.C. values) without resulting in an excessively heavy completed arrow.

  • Easy to straighten, takes all stains, and finishes well.
  • Available in 11/32", and 23/64" sizes.
  • 34" long unless stated otherwise. 
  • Shafts are hand spined within 5# spine groups, and weight-matched in 10-grain weight groups, or better!
  • shafts are packaged, labeled, and clearly marked in dozens.

Nock and tip taper service available for an additional charge. 

Customer Reviews

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John Short
Prime Sitka Spruce Shafts

A no brainer. Cut, stain, sand, taper, install hardware, shoot. Ugly or pretty, the things shoot straight!

brian wilson
Straight as a dozen arrows!

Quick shipping, quality product. Spun true right out of the box.