Front or Tail Taper Service

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With my custom sanding machine, I can taper the back 9" of the shaft from 23/64 or 11/32" to 5/16". Doing this removes weight from the nock end of the shaft and increases FOC. This also means better fletching clearance. 

I can also taper the front end of the shaft from 23/64" to 11/32", this eliminates any "bump" behind the point which may interfere with penetration. 

Nock taper included. 

$9.00 per dozen for tail taper.

$9.00 per dozen for front taper.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Russ Smothers
Front and tail taper

Got the front and tail taper on my Sitka spruce shafts, and I'm beyond pleased. Flight characteristics are superb, I've NEVER gotten better arrow flight! Thanks Andy, couldn't be happier with these shafts!

Wesley Horne
Tapered shafts

Received tapered Sitka spruce shafts from Andy both rear and front taper. If they shoot as good as they look I’ll be in good shape. Great job and service. Thanks Wesley Horne

Blake Thomet
douglas fir shafts

like always great product and fast shipping! loving the way these shafts fly. thanks Andy

Rory Wiske
Tail Tapers by Andy

My tail tapered Douglas Fir shafts are practically flawless. Finished them up last week and shot 2nd place over the weekend with them in our club's 3D shoot. I couldn't be more pleased with them.

Perfect service

Everything was perfect