Tru-Center V2 Taper Tool

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This is one of the nicest taper tools I have used. The redesigned Tru-Center taper tool. Improved with solid, pre-set blades for no setup or adjustments needed. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for precision. Comes with shaft guides (color-coded) in diameters 5/16" (red), 11/32" (black), and 23/64" (blue). Does 11° nock and 5° point tapers. Instructions included.



Customer Reviews

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Kevin Skinner
Not for me

I was a little disappointed with the taper tool. I started with the 11/32 attachment, I realize that i might have to sand some of my bare shafts just get the tool on the arrow but I hand to sand considerably to get the tool on 100 percent of my Sherwood shafts. If the arrows are finished and you have cut them to length you wont get this tool on unless you sand through your arrow finish to get it on, also the blades are nowhere near as sharp as my 9 dollar bear paw taper tool. you will have to lube the hell out of your taper attachments to get them on as well. you will still have to make sure your tips are straight when installing cuz they could still be a little crooked. when I built my 5/16 shafts the tool fit all 100 shafts nicely but still cut hard with the dull blades. I realize a tight fit is going to give you a good taper but you still need to correct your tips for straightness and that's what I do with my bearpaw tool. Its fancy design looks nice but because you cant correct a finished arrow it creates a lot more work for you with no benefit at the end. stick with cheaper ones and save your money for more arrows.

Andy Sundberg

Andy at Addictive Archery is top notch. Whether you are buying finished arrows or arrow supplies, you can count on him to supply the best in class

Beaux hunter

Bear Paw taper tool

Ben Ahrens
Effective tool

The tool did a pretty good job on the doug fir I tried it on. The point taper did chip out a little when I went too fast, but not enough to make a real difference. My only complaint is that the tapers are not labeled so you have to compare the two ends to determine which is point and which is nock. It would add a little cost to the manufacturing process but would be worth it in my opinion.

Christian Lazarides
Accurate and easy!

I have never tried to cut and tune a wood arrow before and using this Bear Paw Taper Tool made the job super easy. I couldn’t imagine it being any better or easier.