Easton 5MM Half Out Inserts

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Give your carbon arrow shafts the Easton advantage. Half Out 5MM Inserts give your carbon shafts increased weight, length, and strength. They're a great option for archers who want a change from Easton HIT inserts.

Increase your FOC (front of center) weight for better penetration. Both the steel and aluminum models offer more strength and protection for your carbon arrows. That saves you money and extends the life of your arrows.

The #1 and #2 models will fit Traditional Only Barebow Shafts, and Axis Traditional Shafts. The #1 model fits Traditional Only Barebow 500, 600, and 700; Axis Traditional 500 and 600; and Full Metal Jacket 500. The #2 model fits Traditional Only Barebow 260, 300, 340, and 400; Axis Traditional 340 and 400; and Full Metal Jacket 300, 340, and 400.

These Half Out inserts are also great for those who like Easton HIT inserts, but are looking for something that's easier to install.

Easton Half Out 5MM Inserts fit .204" micro diameter arrows, and taper out to a 5/16" diameter for a flush fit with 5/16" points and broadheads. Measure approximately 1-3/8" long. Half Out Inserts extend approximately 1/2" from the arrow shaft.

Easton Half Out 5MM Inserts are available in 25-grain aluminum or 75-grain steel, and in #1 and #2 models. Please specify. See the chart below for which models fit which shafts.

Easton Half Out 5MM Inserts

Size Arrow
#1 Traditional Only Barebow: 700, 600, 500
Axis Traditional: 500, 600
Full Metal Jacket: 500
#2 Traditional Only Barebow: 400, 340, 300, 260
Axis Traditional: 400, 340
Full Metal Jacket: 400, 340, 300

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