Screw in Field Points Test Kit

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Screw in field point test kit. 

9/32 points are bullet shape and fit Easton Axis and Beman CenterShot. Available in 100,125, 145 and 175 grain. 

5/16 points are easy pull design. The center if the point is slightly larger than 5/16 with a back taper making pulling your arrows out of the target easier.  5/16 is the common size for carbon arrows. Available in 100, 125, 145, 175 grain. Heavy weight cost slightly more 200, 250 and 300 grain.

We offer these kits in 6 packs. You will receive two field points in the stated weights and diameters. 

  • 9/32" Light Weight 2-100grn, 2-125grn, 2-145grn
  • 9/32" Heavy Weight 2-125grn, 2-145grn, 2-175grn
  • 5/16" Light Weight 2-100grn, 2-125grn, 2-145grn
  • 5/16" Medium Weight 2-125grn, 2-145grn, 2-175grn
  • 5/16" Heavy Weight 2-200grn, 2-225grn, 2-250grn
  • 5/16" Extra Heavy Weight 2-225grn, 2-250grn, 2-300grn

Customer Reviews

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Tom Allgeyer
Field point test kit

The kit helped me tune my arrows to my bow.
This was extremely helpful and I was able to achieve the exact arrow tune I was looking for.

Highly recommend the process of experimenting with different weight field points to get optimal performance from your now.

Steve in Colorado
Field Points Test Kit

Nice kit, especially for the cost. Allowed me to fine tune my arrows for my longbow

dan delph

Screw in Field Points Test Kit

Field point test kit

Excellent way to test different weight points. Quick delivery. Great price. The only improvement would be if the points had the weight stamped on them. But I was able to figure it out without using a scale, so I would still strongly recommend this kit.

Eric Schloesser
Fits small diameter arrow perfect.

Great kit for easton Axis and other 9/32 arrows. Great flight and easy removal from target.
175g in heavy kit are a nice option.