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True North Clear Sealer

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  • 100% waterborne technology 
  • Very low odor and no VOC
  • High-gloss finish
  • Cleans up with soap & water
  • Sold in Quarts
This coating can be used for bow finishes and can be used with a speed coat dipper system. The more coats you apply, the glossier the finish. Or ''free dipped'' for a faster gloss, but you will have more waste. In my opinion, the free dipped method gives you the best finish. 

To achieve the proper finish when free dipping arrows, thin the clear coat if needed with water to avoid bubbles and fish eyes.
Note:  True North Arrows Clear Gloss & Clear Flat Arrow & Bow Finishes are not compatible with dye-based stains.

Stir the True North arrow finish gloss or satin well, then add to the dip tube. The product is ready to use, pre-tinned for your convenience. Then I run an old shaft up and down until the finish flows off with no bubbles, they will pop fast. Leave yourself room if you need to add more water so as it runs off nicely, usually I dip 2 or 3 times, usually in a few hours 4 to 6 you can re-dip. You can dip over bare shaft or stain. (just make sure your stain dries 24 hours)

I let the last clear-coat dry and cure for 12-24 hours before I fletch. I recommend Duco cement for feathers. 

A quart bottle will fill your big dip tube and leave you enough to refill the upper reservoir. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kevin Skinner

This stuff is great , works very well on my wood shafts. I have only used the gloss and it makes a beautiful arrow,

Wayne Gately

I haven't used it yet. Waiting on my arrow shafts from SureWood shafts.

Out west
Excellent results with my first set

I am very impressed by the quality of the finish and how easy it is to use. Appreciate the almost non-existent odor/low voc aspect as well. I used four coats on this first set and really like the results.

Chris Costigan
First Time

Love the consistency for dipping and lack of smell. So far so good!

Amazing product and even better service

I am just getting back into traditional archery and Andy has been great at providing suggestions and the True North products are so simple to use and the colors perfect. Addictive Archery is the only place I will deal with from now on when it comes to my archery needs. The order response and shipping was very quick. Thanks To Andy and his whole family.