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Arrows - Wood

All of our arrows are crown dipped and crested by hand. If you want some other color scheme please call us. We can customize your arrow to fit your needs and liking. 

Wood Arrows

All our arrows are dipped in True North or Daly's Profin finish. These are the best arrow finish we have found. They stand up to target burn well and really bring out the color and beauty in the wood. Being located on the soggy side of the Cascade Mountain range we have found this finish to stand up well to changes in moisture. I spent countless hours in driving rain and snow, my arrows showed no signs of moisture penetration in my bow quiver. 

Feathers are then applied. The front end of the feather is then ground smooth and a dab of glue applied, for a smooth transition. This minimizes contact with the bow shelf or allows you to shoot off your hand if you're shooting a self bow. 

Arrows are full-length 32" unless stated otherwise. They can be cut to desired length and points applied.